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Mobile DJ Hire in Hertfordshire

St Albans Mobile Disco Hire is a Hertfordshire award-winning DJ company formed in 2013, I'm Chris, and I have provided my Mobile Disco and Wedding DJ services for over 20 years. 

Even though I work as a martial arts coach full-time for nearly 30 years, my true passion has always been to be a Party DJ. After many ...

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Creating A Unique Atmosphere

Have you ever watched a movie and gotten so invested in it that you felt every emotion? The highs of when the lead finally unites with the love of their life. 

Or maybe when the bride is walking down the aisle? That is the work of a true artist. 

You can achieve the same effect- in real life- by hiring my company. ...

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My Equipment & Ethic

With 20 years of Mobile Disco experience, I can provide you with the party atmosphere you will love. 

In addition, I work with my clients to ensure that I can provide them with tailored DJ services to fulfil their requirements. 

Whether it is the 70s 80s 90's themed party you are looking for, dinner music creates ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know
Are you insured?

Yes, I'm part of AMPdj and hold public liability insurance with them.

Are you PAT tested?

Yes, I have this done every year.

Are you reliable?

Yes, 100% - I only take on jobs that I want to do.

Is your music legal?

Yes, I buy music with PPL (Public Performance License) attached.

Do you stream music?

No, as this is not a legal practice.

Can I provide music if you don't have it?

Yes, you can, as long as it's WAV, MP3 or CDs.

Do you talk on the mic a lot?

No, a DJ's job is to work the floor only.

Do you do kids parties?

No, as of 2022, I do not service kids' parties.

Do you need a table for equipment?

No, I bring a portable booth at all jobs.

Does the package include set up?

I play for 4.5 hours or 6 hours - set up is free.

Does the package include lights?

Yes, I only provide professional-grade lighting.

What media do you use?

I use WAVS, high-grade MP3 and CDs.

What is your back up?

I bring CDJ's and a spare mixer. I can get speakers sent by taxi if needed.

What if I don't pay 48 hours before my event?

I will remind you - if you ignore our email/text, I will cancel by email.

Do you offer refunds?

Not on deposits - on packages, only if the country is shut down.

Am I charged for the set up and travel?

No, this is free. I only serve Hertfordshire.

What is your address?

It is on my contracts and insurance documentation.

How does it work?

Fill in the provisional, sign the contract, pay the deposit to secure the job and pay the remaining amount 48 hours before

your event.

How do I know you will turn up?

I am a contract-based company, giving you legal rights.

Will you play my music list?

Yes, you can request up to 30 tracks only and tell me your preferred genres.

What our clients say!


Highly recommended, very professional, Chris did really well. The music was great, everyone had a great time and had a good evening ...

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